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Hitachi µ-Chip Research Project

The µ-Chip Project was a research cooperation between the Distributed Systems Group (DSG) at ETH Zurich and the Hitachi Systems Development Laboratory (SDL), Japan. The aim of the cooperation was to explore potential µ-chip applications and business cases with focus to ubiquitous computing scenarios. For that, Hitachi provided evaluation kits of the latest µ-chip technology, including documentation and hardware support.

At ETH, we investigated novel concepts and usage scenarios based on the large-scale deployment of RFID technology. As proof of concept, we developed and prototypically implemented demonstrators where appropriate. The µ-Chip Project was officially launched in February 2003 and was completed in February 2005.

Technology: The Hitachi µ-Chip (mu-Chip) is a tiny passive RFID-chip of 0.4 mm x 0.4 mm size with 128-bit read only memory. The µ-Chip equipment operates at a radio frequency of 2.45 GHz with a maximum communication length of up to 25 cm. More detailed technical information can be found at the Hitachi µ-Chip home page.

Together with my former colleague Svetlana Domnitcheva, I was responsible for the management of our collaboration with Hitachi on behalf of the Distributed Systems Group at ETH Zurich.

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Related Student Projects

In this section you find an overview of student projects I supervised at ETH Zurich, and which are related to the µ-Chip Project.

Notes: Semester projects (Semesterarbeiten) are marked with an "S", Diploma thesis projects (Diplomarbeiten) with a "D", Master thesis projects (Masterarbeiten) with an "M", and Practical courses (Praktika) with a "P" in the "Type"-column in the tables below.

Completed Projects


S Bestimmung der Bewegung von Fahrzeugen mit Hilfe einer hochverteilten RFID-Tag Infrastruktur Thomas ZweifelJürgen BohnWS 05/06

D Nachverfolgung und Positionierung von Fahrzeugen in Gebieten mit dicht verteilten RFID-Tags Nicola OprechtJürgen BohnWS 04/05

S Bestimmung der Position eines Lego-Mindstorm-Modellfahrzeuges in einem Testgelände mit zufälliger RFID-Tag-Verteilung Marco BärJürgen BohnSS 04
S Sichere Rekonstruktion von RFID-getaggten Dokumenten Emmanuel PythonJürgen BohnSS 04
M Robuste selbst-organisierende Dienste durch hochredundanten Einsatz von RFID-Tags Vito PirainoJürgen BohnSS 04

S Smarter RFID-basierter Puzzle-Assistent Nicola OprechtJürgen BohnWS 03/04

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