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Personal Home Page of Juergen Bohn -- Current Work @ Wernher von Braun Labs

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Jürgen Bohn

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Current Work at the Wernher von Braun Center for Advanced Research in Brazil

At the Wernher von Braun Center for Advanced Research in Brazil, I am a senior researcher and chief scientist of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Group. My responsibilities include technical coordination and active participation in multidisciplinary R&D projects with a focus on RFID solutions.

At Von Braun Labs, you can typically find me deeply involved in protocol and security engineering activities, and working along the complete cycle of RFID application and systems development (ranging from site survey, requirements analysis, architectural design, software implementation, systems integration, performance tuning, benchmarking and validation). I also dedicate a considerable part of my time to strategic project planning, technology consulting, RFID standardization activities, and intellectual property protection.

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Professional Experience in RFID

Joining Von Braun Labs put me in the favorable position to pick up the exploration of novel RFID technologies and applications right at the spot that I had reached at the conclusion of my time at ETH Zurich. Since 2001, when I first laid hands on a Philips I-Code HF RFID reader, I have continuously and intensively studied both the theoretic foundations and practical implications of RFID technology. Today, at Von Braun, I am responsible for all major RFID design and development decisions, in Von Braun's own research and development projects with industrial and governmental partners, as well as in the two national RFID initiatives SINIAV and Brasil-ID, which Von Braun is coordinating on behalf of the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT).

Overall, my professional experience in RFID can be summarized as follows:

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Major Brazilian RFID Initiatives Coordinated by Wernher von Braun Labs


SINIAV stands for National System for Automated Vehicle Identification (Sistema Nacional de Identificação Automática de Veículos). The SINIAV project was initiated in 2006 by the Ministry of the Cities (Ministério das Cidades, MC), the Ministry of Science and Technology (Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia, MCT), and the National Traffic Committee (Conselho Nacional De Trânsito, CONTRAN) in Brazil. The official deployment phase of SINIAV commences on June 30, 2011, to be completed by June 30, 2014.

SINIAV foresees the mandatory electronic registration of all vehicles in the country, including passenger cars, trucks, motorbikes, and horse-drawn carriages. The scope of SINIAV included a massive deployment of networked vehicle identification points all over the Brazilian territory, interconnected with a national IT and back-office infrastructure, providing diverse end-user services to the Government and the private sector. At its core, SINIAV promotes a novel protocol approach based on secure, unique, and indelible identification of vehicles derived from international standards (ISO 18000-6C, ISO 24535).

On October 29, 2009, the National Department of Transportation (Departamento Nacional de Trânsito, DENATRAN) held a public seminar about requirements and technical specifications of the SINIAV system, with live video and audio broadcast via Internet. As of June 2010, the presentation given by DENATRAN (in Portuguese) is still available online in PDF format.

In the SINIAV project, I am directing the research and development activities of the Wernher von Braun RFID Group in the areas of standards and products; security and protocol requirements analysis; AVI protocol simulation and security engineering; technical protocol specification; intellectual property protection; and specification of homologation and conformance testing requirements. Further, I am the acting leader of the SINIAV Protocol Workgroup (GT Protocolo).

Since May 2010, the SINIAV AVI Protocol specification has been available from DENATRAN. Detailed instructions about the licensing process can be found on the DENATRAN SINIAV page (in Portuguese).

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Brasil-ID, short for "Brasil-ID: System for Identification, Tracking and Authentication of Goods" (Sistema de Identificação, Rastreamento e Autenticação de Mercadorias), is a National Brazilian RFID program formally launched in October 2009 by the Brazilian IRS / Federal Treasury (Receita Federal) and the Brazilian State Departments of Taxation and Finance (Secretarias de Fazenda), responsible for the fiscal process integration, and the Ministry of Science and Technology (Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia, MCT), responsible for the technical coordination and implementation.

The project extends the scope of the successfully implanted Electronic Invoice (Nota Fiscal Eletrônica) project to provide effective fiscal control of transportation of physical goods within the national territory. For achieving this goal, the project regulates an integrated utilization model and a set of standards for all product segments and related companies in the supply-chain in Brazil. The technological foundation of Brasil-ID is an open, royalty-free RFID standard based on ISO 18000-6C and SINIAV, with advanced security extensions for data integrity and confidentiality protection, product authentication, and anti-counterfeiting.

Official reports, press releases, presentations, and an institutional video about the Brasil-ID project (all in the Portuguese language) can be found on the project home page (under construction).

In the Brasil-ID project, Wernher von Braun Labs was formally designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology to coordinate the specification, development, and implementation of the Brasil-ID system.

My personal responsibilities in the project include Brasil-ID application requirements analysis; pilot project scope definition and implementation; specification of functional, security, and homologation requirements of the Brasil-ID RFID protocol; direction of reference design and prototype implementations; and technical engineering support to industrial and institutional project partners.

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Related Publications

In the following, I list some non-confidential (but copyright protected) R&D-related publications of which I am the responsible author.

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Contact Information

At Wernher von Braun Labs, you can reach me by e-mail to bohn (at) vonbraunlabs (dot) org, or call me at +55.19.3262-2207.

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